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Renewable Energies


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Renewable Energies

Our renewable energies do not only cover solar- and windenergy, but also an underfloor heating system powered trough a compost heater of 10-20t which will produce in 12-18 month arround 25% of high valuabel fertilizer.

Du to its complexity and dangerousity, we will not use a bio gas reactor or digester for now, but it is on my "experimental" list.

Based on 4 Victron Energy MPPT 150/85 with each 2400Wp of solarpanels.

However, we consider using 3 movers, because tests on Miila Mahe Aed has shown, that adjusting the pannels straight to the sun can double the amount of sun energy especially in the morning and evening.

Results of energy harvesting

The windenergy system will use Schams Electronic windMax1000 and windMax2000 MPPT charging controllers with break resistor (several 1kW water heating elements) and two iSTA Breeze i-700 Marine with 24V and 48V plus an iSTA Breeze i-2000 48V.

To get the maximum power, we use a concrete mast of 24m.

Later we will add 1-2 additional windmils of 2-5kW each.

Results of energy harvesting

The Batteries
The batteries are provided by the polish manufacturer Bater and are of the type 7SOPzS735.

We will use 6 sets of 12 cells, mean 24V with 4410Ah which give us an energy of 74kWh @DOD 70% and an autonomy of up to 9 days @8kWh/day or arround 5 days @15kWh/day.

The calculation is made based on 20 material lifetime and 1500 cycles @DOD 70% which give generally 4,87 days/cycle which will never reached in summer because we get 2-4 more energy as needed from solar- and windenergy.

We also try to use selfmade solarcollectors to reduce the heating costs for hot water which is mainly used in the evening, which mean, a solarcollector can pre-heat a 300l hot water buffer to arround 35-40°C over the day and then if, the temperature drop because the sun goes away, we can increase the water heat to 65°C using 1-3 electric 24V/1000W heating elements, the wood heater (~10kW) or an outside rocket heater (100-150kW).

A test has shown, that a 24V/500W Heating Element can heat up 100l of 8-9°C cold water in 6 hours to 38°C warm water to take a shower (Sunday 2017-09-24).

Sponsors for a Heat-Energy-Counter (arround 200€) are welcome.

The compostheating system is based on the ideas of Jean Pain from France in the 90th of the last century.

I will use a little bit more modern regulating and controll system to prevent overheating of the compost and geting maximum results and efficiency.

I consider to use a Siemens LOGO! v8 for it because of its web interface.

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