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Experimental Project for Bio/Organic Farming,
24V DC based Autonomous Energy Systems and anything around it

This page is not complete and will be updated permanently as new projects are started


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2018-09-20 18:35 EU Support Updated with LEADER Eesti
2018-07-14 18:09 The Trees 3 (Cherry Trees) Photo and video update
2018-08-22 18:02 The second field Photo update
2018-08-22 17:58 Pregrowing New photos
2018-08-22 17:55 Kitchen Garden New photos
2018-08-22 12:20 Dogs: Tiina and Reks New photos and videos for August
2018-08-22 12:18 Dogs: Tiina and Reks New photos and videos for JULY
2018-08-22 11:54 The House Now we starting building the roof and the chimney foundation.
2018-08-03 23:17 Powerstation Gotten the Batteries
2018-07-14 05:48 Water New water armatures

Living in harmony with the nature.

Royalty Free pic from DreamsTime.

EU Support and the ERDP
This BioFarm is created with EU Support and
the help of the ERDP (Estonian Rural Development Program).

In this section you will find more about support programs.

The Farmhouse
OK, now we have May 2017 and it becomes serious.

There are many things to do:
  • mowing the Steinklee
  • marking the road "Uuetoa tee" and the fields
  • laying waterpipes
  • electric cables
  • ...

The Forest
Cuting out wheeds, felling trees, maintaining trees (oaks, birch, pine, elder and more)

Since I had in august/september 2016 enough time, I have to continue cutting down a 50cm thick 30m birch tree and store it dry.

Also the weeds will come back, but this year, I will do a little bit more and compost it.

Our Mercedes Sprinter 313CDi

Why do I have no time to update this section?

Good, the microSDHC from my Cellphone broke and I lost many photos which is frustrating!

Renewable Energies
On Thursday 2013-04-18 Germany produced in a singel day 35.902 MWh of energy which is the equivalent of 26 Atom-Reactors and a new record.

On , Saturday 2015-07-25 Germany hit any limits with a new record and produced over 78% of its daily national power consumption trough solar energy in the south and windenergy in the north.

Also the best month ever in Germany...

We (Miila Mahe Aed) try to be 100% clean, which mean, our needed electricity comes from solarpanels and windmils.

For more infos click on the LINK.

24V DC based Projects
Here I present all of my tools, which can be used directly from our 24V DC power outlets.
  • cordless power tools of 7,2-24V
  • 230V tools of any kind transformed to 24V versions
  • ...

Will be now (Winter 2017/18) updated!

Visit also my 24V Technic Info and Shop website.

Projects 100% organic
Here I have some ideas for future products:
  • Plug-In Mosquito Repellant (12/24/230V)
    based 100% organic etheric oils
  • ...
  • ...

Bio Farming
We do not mess with pesticides and any artificial fertilizers!

May the pharma industry go to hell
with all it side effects of diseases!

Yes, we will have animals!

Chicken, Pigs, Alpacas, Goats, Cheeps, at least one Dog, Horses, ...

No Bio/Organic Farm without Bees!

Kikis stuff...
  • Blog
  • Photos
  • ...

Miisus stuff...
  • Only base infos
  • Maybe photos
  • Links

Online Shop
In this shop you can order all our farm products.

All the 24V DC stuff and related things can be bought on "24v Technic Shop" with EU wide shipping and is currently under construction.

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However, a public listarchive is availlable.

Miscelaneous things

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